Available in cassette and digital format direct from Hel and bandcamp ($5).

Also available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.


01 West Echo
02 Pfeifferhorn
03 Wasatch Waves
04 Lone Peak
05 Frost
06 Hailstone
07 Heights
08 Passerine
09 Valley Tones
10 Aspen Loop
11 Slope
12 Keetley
13 189
14 Dry Sequence
15 Orem Owls
16 Nest
17 Dry Creek
18 Haze
19 Red Pine
20 Summit

Alpine Sequences
by OK Ikumi

HEL001 | RELEASED JULY 30 2012

Alpine Sequences is a collection of short ambient recordings by OK Ikumi (Karl Jørgensen) inspired by the natural beauty of the Heber, Salt Lake, and Utah valleys. Each of the 20 tracks is built around repeating synthesizer sequences created by Jørgensen's prototypical Alpine Music Generation System. Recorded in Orem, Utah in the late winter & spring of 2012.


"Alpine Sequences is a slow-burning record in classical minimalist fashion with close attention paid to overall mood (unrequited, slightly nostalgic) which never compromises the albums overall aesthetic. Jørgensen has never sounded better."


"this recording certainly won’t be everybody’s cup of tea within the ambient genre, although it’s well made, dares to stand out and sound different."

- Sonic Immersion

"Electronic flecks of addicting melody and minimalistic tones braid together into a gorgeous cassette album full of passion and beauty. This cassette release is adventuresome in its spry execution, so filled with energy and life. Yet, it definitely maintains a tranquility that washes over you with a muscle-relaxing heat and a mind-numbing coolness. Simple but sophisticated."

- Foxy Digitalis

"Jørgensen skillfully massages his buoyant synths to create soothing, meditative headphone music."

- The Big Takeover