Ben Best & Karl Jørgensen

by Ben Best & Karl Jørgensen

HEL002 / October 18 2012 / tape & digital

Ben Best & Karl Jørgensen is a selection of unplanned lofi and ambient experiments taken from 4 recording sessions between 2011 and 2012. This album captures the first rough and experimental steps taken from the collaborative duo of Ben Best (of various solo projects, Blade) and Karl Jørgensen (of OK Ikumi).

Ben Best: guitar, effects
Karl Jørgensen: guitar, effects, programming
Recorded 2011-2012 in Provo and Orem, Utah
Mastered at Hel
Photo & design by Karl Jørgensen


"This volume of music contains a sonically warm series of untitled audio explorations that are almost aquatic in tone. ... I appreciated this album more as it progressed and I recommend it, as it is especially suited to the weather and mood of this season." -SLUG


  • 01 Untitled 1
  • 02 Untitled 2
  • 03 Untitled 3
  • 04 Untitled 4
  • 05 Untitled 5
  • 06 Untitled 6