RS2090 / Mooninite

by RS2090 & Mooninite

HEL003 / November 30 2012 / tape & digital

A split release of beat-heavy futurist music from Salt Lake City roommates RS2090 & Mooninite. Best described in their own words:

"This side of the cassette is drawn largely from my experiences living for a short time outside the United States, and the passing of summer to autumn more generally. Mooninite helped a great deal on virtually every track, from sound creation and sampling, to editing and mixing. '4D Printer' is one track we especially collaborated on and is one of my favorites. 'Unknown Substance' is another track I am particularly fond of, because the soundscape in that section came to me in a dream during the first cold night of autumn. I tried to create an album that would move rather quickly, not dwelling too long on any single idea or section, embracing (what I believe to be) the transforming attention spans of human beings thanks to new technologies." - RS2090

"With this release I focused a lot more attention on the atmosphere of each track setting the right tone/mood for each song and spending a lot of time trying different methods of producing and sampling. Majority of the tracks were written with the intention to have a more experimental feel to them while still maintaining a traditional electro sound (RS2090 helped me a great deal with this). Spent a good amount of time as well being sparse with parts and not have it be too in your face while still bringing the beat and didn't necessarily want a theme or feeling with my side of the tape as a whole. Instead just having different themes and feels to each of the tracks and it creates this sort of surreal mix of music that I was satisfied with. " - Mooninite

Songs produced using hardware synthesizers and samplers in Salt Lake City. Recorded during the later half of 2012 by Mooninite and RS2090.
Mastered at Hel
Thanks: Swayze, Karl, Emily, friends and family
Cover art: Allan Ludwig
Inside cover: Drew Johnson
Inside layout: Karl Jørgensen


"Mooninite’s side, treads lightly in familiar ambient territory, owing much to the sampled instrumentation of Boards of Canada and the swirling arpeggios fancied by fellow compatriot OK Ikumi. The beats are slightly off, staggering with a seasick lurch. RS2090’s side is all absurdist rhythm patterns, pitch-shifted lecture notes, squiggly synths, bottom-scraping low-end and an angular, almost geometric approach to composition." -SLUG

"I'm very much in a new world as the tape plays. There's a lot to hear on this tape as 60-minute cassette (20 more minutes of music than the digital version) is jammed with atmospheres. If you're into 2am riffs, this is a tape worth exploring." -Cassette Gods

"Od samego początku zaznacza swoją obecność charakterystyczny połamany bit i syntezator. I bez wątpienia są to elementy łączące wyżej opisane kasety z RS2090 i Mooninite. Geometryczne konstruowanie melodii to kolejna z cech projektu RS2090. Niekiedy kruszą się mechaniczne pomysły producenta i znajduje się w nich miejsce na muzyczne wygibasy."


  • 01 RS2090 - 4D Printer
  • 02 RS2090 - Fractufusus
  • 03 RS2090 - Simplify Nature
  • 04 RS2090 - Dangerous MP3
  • 05 RS2090 - Ritual Commodity
  • 06 RS2090 - High Bluff
  • 07 RS2090 - Afraid / Wild Oranges 2
  • 08 RS2090 - Living Room
  • 09 RS2090 - Unknown Substance
  • 10 RS2090 - RS2090.INFO
  • 11 RS2090 - Simulated Gravity
  • 12 Mooninite - S0ulmate#1
  • 13 Mooninite - Everything
  • 14 Mooninite - Moonlets
  • 15 Mooninite - Grid
  • 16 Mooninite - Motivation
  • 17 Mooninite - Glowing
  • 18 Mooninite - A09
  • 19 Mooninite - Magic Is Real
  • 20 Mooninite - I Never Get Upset
  • 21 Mooninite - Honest Tea
  • 22 Mooninite - K Bye
  • 23 Mooninite - Sirens