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by Θ

HEL004 / January 07 2013 / tape & digital

60 minutes of bleak & cataclysmic FM synthesis.

Θ recorded this release in northern Norway. It is sound that triggers perceptual pathways on the threshold of pattern recognition. Overpowering neophobia increases satisfaction with the sound experience. The end does not justify the means; the means satisfy until the end comes.

Recorded in Northern Norway
Mastered at Hel


"I especially like the bottom-scraping low end, the way it just draaags its claws against the bottom of my listening periphery. I also really like the extreme high frequencies in the second track, when sequels of noise streak through the sky like some kind of evil Aurora Borealis." -SLUG

"The music isn't all atmosphere, but even when a "beat" appears, it descends into the depths just as fast. Its almost as if, something sorta fun wants to break free of the darkness, but just can't. This will be a tough listen for some, much enjoyed by others." -Cassette Gods


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