by Orem Owls

HEL005 / April 07 2013 / tape & digital

"Index" was created on decommissioned & repurposed transcription machines using a combination of discarded and picked-through audio cassettes and custom-made audio tools (alongside loop and delay pedals). The result is a disjointed series of glimpses into the past & future that sounds like something you would find in a flea market 100 years from now.

Recorded & mastered at Hel, Utah 2013


"Disembodied voices and fragmented rhythms wander alongside warm synth tones, resembling those that could potentially be found on worn demos for a proposed alternate score for Blade Runner. “2089” is one example of this, and could easily be coupled with closing track “7a” to convince a potential listener to order a cassette." -SLUG

"„Index” to muzyka elektroniczna z samplowanym głosem (przeważnie są to monologi), podbita intensywnym rytmem i niestroniąca od zabawy z syntezatorem, a gdy się artysta rozpędzi to łapie oddech w postaci ambientu."


  • 01 Other Worlds
  • 02 Wilds
  • 03 Orem Henge
  • 04 c2FuY3R1YXJ5
  • 05 Helfire
  • 06 Terminal
  • 07 Chao's
  • 08 Mars
  • 09 2053
  • 10 2089
  • 11 7a