by Corduroi

HEL006 / April 20 2013 / tape & digital

The third release from Austin, TX producer Cody Wilson, also known as Corduroi, is a playful and eclectic recording. Taking inspiration from (and matching the diversity of) the natural world, "Jangala" draws from many sounds and influences from both inside and outside of the electronic music sphere all while maintaining a cloudy and pleasant rhythm.

"Jangala" was mastered by James Wilcox at Dub Academy (Austin, TX) and features art & layout by Jordan Haynie.


"Listening to this album, I felt like I was high on some sort of Shangri-La vacation, with peach trees in blossom, waterfalls glistening and magical gardens to explore. The soundscapes created by Cody Wilson are arranged in such a way as to turn my dancing inward, which has prompted many an opportune bedroom dance party with the volume as loud as my speakers allow." -SLUG

"Wyborne „Qualia” i „Syzygy”, w których elektronika tętni swoim życiem, a do tego mamy precyzyjnie dobrane wstawki gitarowo-syntezatorowe, no i muzyczna wyobraźnia Wilsona, która powoduje, że nasz umysł odpływa gdzieś daleko od rzeczywistości." -nowamuzyka.pl


  • 01 Mainonmai
  • 02 Secret Treehouse
  • 03 Petite
  • 04 Qualia
  • 05 Syzygy
  • 06 Dream Lemur/Low Tides