Ben Best & Karl Jørgensen 2

by Ben Best & Karl Jørgensen

HEL008 / November 26 2013 / tape & digital

"Ben Best & Karl Jørgensen 2" is the second collaborative album between Ben Best (of various solo projects) and Karl Jørgensen (of OK Ikumi). Like its precursor, this second album contains 60 minutes of wandering ambient synthesis and percussive cosmic music taken from 4-track recordings.

Ben Best: guitar, effects, synthesizer
Karl Jørgensen: programming, effects, synthesizer, guitar

Recorded September 2013 in Orem, Utah. Live drums on "Endream" by Bret Meisenbach (recorded at Black Pyramid, Provo). Photo & design by Karl Jørgensen.


"Utah County's finest sonic pioneers and purveyors of structural, minimal experimental music regain that same magic in their aptly titled album 2. Yep. Arpeggiated melodies are overlayed with elongated guitar lines and drones processed to sound far, far away. Cold, serated synths and swirling melodies shade nooks and crannys in sheaths of glimmering, spectral communication. No question that this would be a jam." -Tome To The Weather Machine

"Jørgensen and Best have really found their niche in creating these repetitious, hypnotic grooves firmly in the kraut pocket, deviating little from their established aesthetic, and they find their strength in the constant honing and exploring of repetition and melody." -SLUG


  • 01 Endream
  • 02 Waerever
  • 03 Epochylypyx Whorlds
  • 04 T.K.
  • 05 Noviazreal
  • 06 Waste