by Metatag

HEL009 / January 22 2014 / tape & digital

The debut release from Norwegian duo Metatag. 60 minutes of short and somber ambient vignettes. From the artists:

"Transmission is a group of soundscapes with (n)everchanging drones, melodic soundscapes and arps combined with elements of experimental sounds and noises.The results are eerie, mellow, icy and warm. Everything was recorded by running sequences, loops, tweaking and/or live playing. No computers were used during this production. No seagulls were harmed during the making of this album."

Songs by Metatag
Recorded in Norway
Mastered at Hel
Cover by Karl Jørgensen


"Much like that image of a pulsar CP 1919 radio wave, Metatag plays under a microscope. Often restricted to a handful of repeating melodies undulating and ringing out and full of the warmest, most shimmering digital sounds created sans computer, Transmission also breaks wide open at times with a free-exchange between typical folk instrumentation (guitar, harpsichord) and the siren call of a deep, soulful drone." -SLUG

"Metatag's "Transmission", an electronic two piece from Norway, are able to musically convey a lonely Scandinavian winter night. All the tracks are Minimal, meditative and most are minor in scale. All the tracks are slow to almost be classified as drone. The songs are ambient and repetitive in melody. Each track is gentle, although at times some tracks are also eerie to have an almost early John Carpenter horror soundtrack-synth vibe." -Cassette Gods

"The lack of percussive interruption ensures that listeners are freed to focus on timbre. What impresses most is the variegated mood pincered throughout the collection. In lesser hands, these sonic swings might sound forced, but Metatag pull it off, in great part due to the occasional presence of guitar and piano. This is a feat beyond metaphysics, worthy of universal applause." -A Closer Listen

""Transmissions" is a fine debut album by Metatag. Their brand of dark, ambient and electronic music isn't one that will appeal to a broad audience I suspect, the often bleak and desolate landscapes explored ones that will intrigue a select few. But if you enjoy minimalistic, ambient electronic music of the instrumental variety, and especially if you enjoy the sound of vintage keyboards, this is a production that should intrigue you." -progarchives

"This is an album that features drone based songs without many additional details that despite a fairly monotonous and repetitive nature still sound ominous and alarming, and words like bleak, desolate and machine-like were frequent in my notes when I had my detailed listen through this production." -Progressor


  • 01 Day One
  • 02 Genetic
  • 03 Antidote
  • 04 Headspace
  • 05 Meridian
  • 06 TT
  • 07 Quake
  • 08 Message
  • 09 Lowlight
  • 10 Timer
  • 11 Peach Trees
  • 12 Clouds
  • 13 Moon Scan
  • 14 Black Glow
  • 15 One Dream Lost One Dream Found
  • 16 Ram Page 3
  • 17 Trace
  • 18 Never
  • 19 Blade
  • 20 Mørketid