by OK Ikumi

HEL010 / April 30 2014 / 7" vinyl & digital

"Outside" expands the sequencer-driven ambient sounds of OK Ikumi's "Alpine Sequences", building from minimal repetition into dense arpeggiated harmonies occasionally framed by a simple beat.

This release is available in 7" vinyl & digital formats. The digital version contains 5 bonus tracks, including remixes of "Outside" by RS2090 and Mooninite.

Music and art by Karl Jørgensen. Recorded 2013-2014 in Orem, Utah. Mastered at Hel.


"The collection of sounds weaves an intricate tapestry of a soundscape from another world, a dream or some alternate reality—something so familiar yet distinctly unique." -SLUG

"It’s easy to zone out while listening to the latest album Karl Jorgensen has released through his electronic OK Ikumi solo project. But that’s not because the record is boring; it’s just trance-inducing on a level that could make people accidentally walk into a manhole or forget they’re pouring milk." -Salt Lake City Weekly


  • 01 Outside
  • 02 Waver
  • 03 Break
  • 04 Outside (Mooninite Remix)
  • 05 Try
  • 06 Outside (RS2090 Remix)
  • 07 Reach

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