by Matt Nida

HEL011 / JULY 14 2014 / tape & digital

"Explorer is a homage to the classic space synth sounds that first got me hooked me on electronic music when I was young, unashamedly channelling the tones of John Carpenter, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Jean Michel Jarre that I grew up with along with later discoveries like Drexciya and Model 500. Unlike my previous sample-tracker work, I improvised these tracks at the keyboard away from the computer and wrote the whole record over two weeks in January 2014." - Matt Nida

Songs by Matt Nida. Recorded in London. Cover illustration by Thorneater. Mastered at Hel.


"Immaculately produced and incredibly sharp, Matt Nida’s latest release, Explorer, pays homage to the cosmic gods with sounds and themes that reflect the deep, dark reaches of outer space." -SLUG

"Raw, rumbling bass, piercing washes of top end... That punchy kick and warm ultra thick bass. What I really love here, is the juxtaposition of that against some severely alien synth work. Six tracks, and every single one absolutely kills." -Guide Me Little Tape

"This type of sci-fi homage has been road tested in many DJ residency at clubs across UK when it takes unnoticeable twists and turns into danceable grooves. Hot love in outer space." -Tome To The Weather Machine


  • 01 1040
  • 02 The Jump
  • 03 Terminus
  • 04 Kessler Syndrome
  • 05 Manoeuvres
  • 06 Dream Sequence