by Mooninite

HEL013 / NOVEMBER 8 2014 / tape & digital

"Times may change, but great taste lives on forever."

Mooninite's debut solo release "Soda" is an album about the appreciation & enjoyment of one of the most popular drinks in the world: soda. Made to capture and recreate the playful, relaxed feeling that soft drinks are famous for.

Songs by Andrew Aguilera. Recorded between April-October 2014 in Salt Lake City with hardware synthesizers. Produced by Andrew Aguilera & Karl Jørgensen. Mastered at Hel. Art & layout by The Internet Explorers. Dedicated to Rashad Harden.


"Mooninite is not only able to exploit the soundscape in a can potential of soda as a conceit, but create a record of downtempo beats that snap like brittle twigs, skittering drum machine breaks and bucolic, Balearic-inspired synth arpeggios and beats that pulse and bounce with tightly regimented precision all while fronting a casual playfulness." -Tome To The Weather Machine


Cherry Red


  • 01 Cola
  • 02 Lemon Lime
  • 03 Dr. Fizz (Feat. RS2090)
  • 04 Blue Hawaii
  • 05 Cherry Red
  • 06 Orange
  • 07 Grape Haze (Feat. OK Ikumi)
  • 08 C.R.E.A.M. Soda
  • 09 Strawberry Dream