Smoke In The Elevator

by Bobo

HEL017 / MAY 20 2015 / tape & digital

Bobo is the new solo project from Kari Jørgensen, known for her work as The Boy Who Could Fly and with Crumpler. "Smoke In The Elevator" is her first solo foray into computer software music composition. 28+ minutes of deep, layered, relaxed electronic pop.

All music by Kari Jørgensen.
Recorded from 2013 to 2015 in Bloomington, IN.
Cover design by Karl Jørgensen.
Mastered at Hel.


"Layers of vocals are big on here, and with her use of synths and drums in an almost hypnotic way, Smoke In The Elevator evokes comparisons to Visions but only to a point. Use of flute and horns in tracks like “Pure Obsessional” and the near-literal soaring in “Condor” (video by Paul Baribeau) all give Bobo their own land. A place for it’s own, but still in arms reach of her last." -Tiny Mix Tapes



  • 01 Stalling
  • 02 Detention
  • 03 Quiet Wire
  • 04 Climb The Limb
  • 05 Condor
  • 06 Pure Obsessional
  • 07 Lean Against
  • 08 Turn Around